Why you have to link SMS with ecommerce

By Virginia Gerdel on enero 10th In SMS


SMS is an excellent tool for companies, although many people believe that it is discontinued. Statistics show that, for example, the Spaniards now send 170 SMS less than 12 years ago (according to Statist). But that now users send less SMS does not mean that it is not a useful tool in other aspects, it has not ceased to be part of the process of innovation and especially in mobile marketing.

Starting with the fact that it can be present in different industries: health, music, gastronomy, among others. You may wonder how SMS can support ecommerce and become an effective tool. Let’s see.

New customers who know your brand. This is the goal pursued by each organization, new consumers for the products and services offered by the brand. However, despite social networks and influencers, SMS can be the tool that calls new followers. Statistics indicate that mobile users often read SMS at least 95% of the time.

Traffic. SMS can be useful to redirect users to the online store or website, so any visit can become a purchase.

Security. SMS are also quite useful because at the time of making a transaction involving money, bank cards, etc., users feel more cautious. That’s why text messaging can help provide more security making these transactions on the website. How? Confirming the transaction with a security code.

Offers and competitions. If your brand makes a contest, promotion or discount in your online store, the SMS can also be used to advertise it. Making a contest or promotion does not guarantee that there is participation or interest insured, so text messages can reinforce. Remember, a small message can have great results.

The non-connection. It is true that to visit a virtual store you need Internet connection, but not to receive an SMS. That is why we can trust that the person will receive the text message with the information of our brand and our online trade on their cell phone. If the announcement is sufficiently striking, the user will be tempted to connect to the Internet to visit that space.

Some interesting statistics to consider are:
– 27% of users leave the purchase because the process seems extensive and complicated (according to Baymard, Institute of Research of ecommerce and user experience).

– 60% of users are planning to make more purchases from their smartphone (according to Optimizely, the optimization company of user experience).

Finally we see the utility of SMS to support ecommerce. Therefore, we recommend and leave at your disposal our contact to lend you this service.



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