Technological and mobile future of Christmas

By Virginia Gerdel on diciembre 26th In Mobile


Imagine Santa Claus getting the list of gifts through a smartphone or goblins working with QR code readings. It costs a little thought; however, technology and the mobile aspect has changed our traditions. Christmas does not escape this influence, since the technology applied to marketing has touched on several important aspects, commercial sectors, behaviors and seasons.

Now, a person can interact with his family through any mobile tool and technology, especially in these very meaningful holidays. But the influence of technology does not end there, the present shows how Christmas has been conditioned and how it will continue to change.

E-commerce. The businessman, Keith Crain, says online purchases can be a lifeline for the elderly or disabled people with mobility limitations, or simply for people who have a short time available for Christmas shopping.

Customization. The personalization in marketing has been one of the most important ingredients in the recipe of success of loyalty with the users, especially through the mobile channel. This has been largely possible thanks to technological tools that allow the automation of some processes. From creating the flavor of your favorite beverage, to creating the label with your name of one of your favorite products, through apps, web pages, social networks, among others of this type.

Big Data. The different technology platforms and the boom of the mobile device have allowed more user-registered data. Information about behaviors, about your family and friends, work experiences, musical preferences, among others. In a way, this is related to the previous aspect of personalization. So let’s imagine one of your social networks suggesting a certain type of gift for a specific friend.

Technological gifts. In the next few years, people may be more inclined to give away technology, maybe a mobile device (smartphone, camera, among others of this type) or some new technological device that has been invented within a decade or two. Virtual gifts, such as coupons or digital vouchers, can also be made. These are being used for several reasons: by saving paper, by the speed and reach of these methods, it means they can be sent to any location with connectivity.

Digital experiences. Because of the virtual reality and augmented reality, Christmas may not be the same, as there will be more virtual experiences through the existing technological extensions and new ones to come. For example, there is already the possibility of simulating calls with Santa Claus. These initiatives are expected to come from the marketer and commercial sectors, since it is the brands that often take the first steps to innovation.

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