Smartphone and Artificial Intelligence

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As we have been able to determine in the last decade, the success standards of a company are no longer the amount of assets, the prestige it has or its capital, but the experiences and value in the products and services it delivers to users. One of the closest ways to do this nowadays is through the mobile and digital channel. In this sense, a smartphone and Artificial Intelligence have something in common to offer mobile users. Let’s see.

The first thing is that Artificial Intelligence will allow to generate personal conversations with people through their mobile devices; make applications more realistic, intuitive and innovative. This means that the smartphone will be able to anticipate people’s needs.

And what are the features of Artificial Intelligence in smartphones that already exist?

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro smartphone already has some features that make us think of futuristic movies. For example:

  1. Intelligent Photography: The camera image processing system of this smartphone is one patented by Huawei company. Automatically detects the environment and the situation in which the user is located. For example, if it is night or there is a face in the frame, then it will switch immediately to night mode or to portrait mode, respectively.
  2. Energy saving: The device has the ability to regulate the operation of applications in use and disuse. In the same way, the smartphone is disconnected from the battery charge by itself when it reaches 100%. This is beneficial as we know how complicated energy savings can become.
  3. Real-time translation: This smartphone has the ability to instantly translate audio and images. And you don’t have to worry about the language, as the company introduced at least 160 languages into its properties.
  4. Better processing: One of the peculiarities of Artificial Intelligence in a smartphone is that the level of processing is much more effective in terms of graphics. In particular the new Huawei model has 20% is better in this sense than the previous models.

Another of the characteristics that have been developed with respect to the Artificial Intelligence is the detection of looks to the screen of your smartphone. This technology was developed by Google to identify the face and eye tracing, so that the person holding the device is alerted.

According to Mike Chang, chief engineer for Huawei Multimedia Systems, «he said that with AI applied to mobile phones you can have more secure data, independent connectivity, battery-saving and immediate answers to users ‘ questions. And when your device connects to the network you can also perform big data functions and you will be able to access universal knowledge through virtual assistants.» Information reviewed in the web


Surely there are other functions of Artificial Intelligence being developed for smartphones and other intelligent devices. Which would you like to be incorporated into your cell phone?


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