Mobile Marketing: SMS and digital channels

By Virginia Gerdel on diciembre 11th In SMS



Many people have the belief that social networks and SMS have separate paths. However, the technology has mostly shown us that several tools can be activated simultaneously to work as a mechanism with a common goal. This is the case of SMS and digital media. There are several possibilities to integrate these two. You want to know what they are? Keep reading.


1. Authentication. With this we refer to the many applications that use the SMS as a method of security option. In this area you will also find the option to authenticate user accounts, either emails, social networks and other digital platforms that require to confirm the identity of users.


2. Redirect. SMS can be used to bring the target to the organization’s social networks. Although users are connected to the Internet, it is true that the cell phone is constantly in the hands of people. It is noteworthy that social networks are a striking channel for users. This is an effective relationship that yields interesting fruits.


3. Contests. SMS can also be used to make calls to users to participate in brand contests. With this we mean that it can be a contest made in any digital platform: social networks, Web pages, applications or other virtual space.


4. Subscribers. When you need subscribers for blogs, newsletters, digital magazines or newspapers of the same type, SMS are a good option to make an effective call to action. For example, inviting users to be part of their monthly list of subscribers through a text message, with the premise that if they subscribe they will have some kind of discount or special benefit from the brand.


5. Visits. SMS can be used to generate visits on a blog or on the organization’s website. This is because the link in the Web portal can be placed in the text message, so that the user would be a single click away from giving a visit to the website.

It is noteworthy that the SMS have high reading effectiveness, since a consensus in the statistics indicates that these are read 96% of the time. In the same way, it is important to point out the benefits of experiences in social networks. A study by the marketing and software organization, Ambassador, determined that 71% of consumers who have had a good experience with a social media brand are likely to recommend it to other people.

Finally, we can see that SMS and digital platforms have great marketing and business opportunities using one as the other’s support. If you have any opinion you want to share, leave it in the comments.



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