Do you know what is SMS?

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Do you know what is SMS, SMS, what is SMS

Everyone used the SMS regularly for some years, but there are still people who do not know exactly what is SMS, although we are using it daily.

So what is SMS? SMS or Short Message Service is a mobile phone service that allows sending short messages, also known as SMS and texts, between mobile phones or between an application and a mobile phone.

This is an invention created in 1985 by Finnish engineer (chequear si es ingeniero, o si no es ,cambiar la profesion) Matti Makkonen, with the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).

Although the SMS was created as part of GSM, SMS is available at present times in the various networks to send messages to and from any mobile phone.

An SMS is an alphanumeric string of up to 160 characters of 7 bits. Initially they could send and receive normal text, but basic protocol extensions include allowing other content such as images, videos and sounds of small size (MMS); and can also join multiple messages to extend its length.

The great advantage of SMS compared to voice services is its low cost and its instantaneity. Sending an SMS is much cheaper than making a call.

Applications that can be given to SMS are manifold and range from personal use to use as a tool for companies (for various purposes), which have become a huge communications commercial industry.

The SMS communication system is still growing even though it has reached a very high penetration, and is also responsible for creating quick and effective interaction between companies or institutions and their customers, specially when they need to share short and accurate information among them.

Companies have specific needs to integrate SMS, whether for internal communication between employees, customers or sending bulk SMS to other stakeholders.


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