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By Virginia Gerdel on enero 2nd In Internet


The mobile connectivity we are immersed in, thanks to the internet, is getting deeper. The first mobile connection that was created was quite rustic, slow and with limited reach. However, that has changed over time, as technological advances have enabled 3g connection and then 4g, some of the fastest and most used in the world. But, innovation is about to give another surprise, as 5g technology is taking a presence in our lives.

First of all, what is 5g technology? Let’s say it’s the upgraded version of 4g, it will allow faster wireless mobile connections. Some argue that it will initially be up to 10 times faster than the current one. Others argue that it could become 100 times faster. Some tests have even reached a speed up to 250 times higher.

In Latin America, the process of welcoming this technology began. We know that at least mobile internet connections are a little more limited on this continent. However, there is already a non-profit organization called 5g Americas, formerly known as 4g Americas. This group is formed by companies providing telecommunications services, such as AT&T, Intel, Telefónica, among others.

The organization 5g Americas aims to ensure the development and implementation of 5g technology in the region. The current director of the conglomerate, José Otrero, gave an interview to Elcomercio.com, where he noted that some companies will probably be offering this service for the 2018 and will be available in its entirety for the year 2020.

What are some challenges that can arise from the use of this new technology?

The penetration of connectivity. Latin America remains one of the regions that has had the most difficulty in achieving connectivity and access to the Internet that meets the moderate standards set at the global level. This can be a great challenge to difficult the enjoyment of the population, in general, of 5g.

The right devices. 5g technology will require computers that are able to connect to the Internet and not only that but a series of updated specifications, in order to function properly. It is true that the acquisition of intelligent cellular telephony is increasing all over the world, however, we wonder how fast the population will be able to acquire the right equipment. We cannot know for certain, but a projection of EMarketer announces that by the year 2025 there will be 1.5 billion of smartphones enabled with 5g technology.

In this same order of ideas, end users are not the only ones who must have the right computers to navigate faster on the Internet. The developing companies and the countries, almost entirely, must have the necessary equipment for a greater effectiveness in the implementation of the 5g and the Internet in general.

However, despite these challenges, this is one of the most anticipated innovations by Internet users and technology, as their arrival will influence the change in the customs of mobile users.

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