What is SMS for the insurance sector in Latin America?

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What is SMS, SMS

What is SMS for the insurance sector? The SMS or Short Message Service is a mobile service that allows sending short messages, also known as SMS and texts, between mobile phones or between an application and a mobile phone.

The SMS is a good tool for every kind of enterprises, but it is particularly important for the insurance sector because of some aspects: easy to use, capable of reaching every mobile user, massive, and immediate.

Tedexis Seguros enables insurance companies and their partners implement the use of the mobile channel quickly and easily. This makes it possible to provide more direct Access to services normally provided by other channels, greater reach among the insurers involved, and access to new areas not previously considered.

SMS’s benefits for the insurance sector:

SMS allows a better service to communities, clients and advisors. It also helps to reduce calls to Call Center, thereby reducing the use of this expensive channel, which results in higher productivity in responding to clients’ requests.

Thanks to our extensive experience in terms of the solution and the number of successful implementations, and the nature of our technology platform, Tedexis is the ideal partner to implement the service to the needs of the company and its customers. Using appropriate technologies according to each phase and need results in short term improvements and delivering immediate benefits to internal and external customers.

The use of mobile services brings benefits to the entire ecosystem, a win-win situation, where immediate property is generated for all stakeholders, facilitating the rapid development and acceptance of services. Besides benefiting Insurers, this medium offers advantages to brokers and agents, to service providers such as clinics, hospitals, garages, and especially to the final customer.

Through this channel a new segment can be reached: the middle and lower layer, since costs to provide a service are much accessible. Tedexis Seguros allows insurance companies to create their own products and strategies to reach directly this potential market.

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