SMS represents a huge opportunity for enterprises

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SMS, mensajería de texto

Even though the SMS was primarily conceived as a means of communication between two mobile users, this purpose has changed in recent years and has opened the door to the business world, making it the ideal marketing tool.

According to a study by Xopik, the global market for SMS is expected to exceed 70,320 million US$ in revenues by 2.020 (in 2013 global revenues totaled 53,070 million).

«The SMS as we know it is gone. New technologies enable new and more attractive ways to communicate with customers, many opportunities that create an engagement so far unknown”, says Lluis Martin, Business Manager of Xopik.

Notable Features

Martin says that the implementation of SMS as a tool for marketing, both one-way or interactive  SMS «offers numerous possibilities that create an engagement so far unknown».

For the expert this is achieved by implementing features that define its new functionality: inclusion in the body text of a short access to landing pages offering the customer to provide information beyond the traditional 160 characters, thus giving companies the opportunity to increase the attraction of customers more visual and interactive way.

The use of this marketing channel has five attractive or additional benefits:

– It’s immediate.

– Decreased invasiveness compared with other mechanisms such as voice calls.

– Your open rate is higher with respect to marketing via email: customers open 90% of SMS received, compared to 10% of the emails.

– It is easier to measure the results of campaigns.

– The SMS Enterprise leverages the capabilities of mobile devices (such as calls, geo, email) for customers to interact.


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