SMS Gateway and its importance for the future

By Virginia Gerdel on octubre 23rd In SMS Gateway


As you know, SMS Gateway works through a system called A2P, which is an application that allows the sending of SMS. This tool is used in mobile marketing to contact clients and future ones, to strengthen the engagement with these and to facilitate the life of users of mobile banking services, for example.

But, beyond that, surely you are wondering how this SMS Gateway influences in business and in the future. Well, everything has to do with it, because the future is technological and Mobile.

Mobile payments are one of the variables that would make the SMS Gateway an even more important part of the future. This is because some mobile payment users make use of SMS to request some transactions or to complete them. The same happens with the mobile banking, since SMS are necessary to complete transactions with security codes or are implemented to receive queries of balance, movements, among others.

The latest reports show that, in recent years, confidence in mobile payments and mobile banking has grown. Likewise, the trend is that this will continue to increase in the same way. So the SMS gateways will be key to completing the processes.

Another example, is that in the last 5 years mobile apps has emerged and others have been entrenched in the market. Apps of areas such as food, transport and similar services. This fact has a direct impact on the increased use of SMS Gateway because these type of apps use this portal to make mobile payments. So, as long as these applications keep growing and developing, SMS Gateway will always be present.

But that’s not all, other businesses that are definitely growing the SMS Gateway industry are travel, health and videogames. At the same time, the mobile marketing is a mechanism constantly used in campaigns. Like we said before, the future is mobile. And since mobile users are growing too around the world, SMS are being a powerful tool. This type of SMS (promotions, offers, invitations to events, coupons, etc) are sent by SMS Gateway portal.

In this order of ideas, all of these arguments has caused that the platforms and portals are improving and making updates, taking into account that the implementation of a gateway is not so complicated.

According to the web portal it is expected that, for the 2024, the A2P SMS (SMS Gateway portals) reach 4.1% expansion with respect to the reported in the 2015.

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