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By Virginia Gerdel on mayo 10th In Conectividad, Dispositivos Móviles, Marketing Móvil, SMS

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The SMS  had high impact since her invention till now, it has allowed that they do not  disappear with the rise of new mobile communication technology tools. Its wide capacity to get to an endless number of receivers and how they collect and receive the message has achieved that this old instrument will endure in time.

It is know that new individuals users prefer other applications as whatsapp or other communication mechanisms like the Facebook, Messenger, emails, etc., which can be used from their smartphones; however and after multiple studies conducted by specialized companies, SMS are leaders in terms of business communication and marketing campaigns. This is because their broad level of reach in a short time without using a lot of resources, which translates into less operating expenses in everything that involves running a marketing campaign.

Although technological advances are focused on the creation of other options and new methods of communication attractions, SMS at the same time, are positioned as the most influential mass media between companies and their customers. Do you know the why?

  • The SMS is active in all their cellphones, while the other applications should be downloaded. There are people that do not have Whatsapp in their mobile.
  • Most of the people knows how to use this system. It is the more simple, direct and short to make an effective interaction.
  • They keep the users “total”’ attention. It was found that they read almost immediately.

Usually you will receive important and great interest information in this way. The SMS system allows its integration to loyalty programs (in Marketing is the loyalty of a customer to a brand, product or service that acquires from the suppliers to which uses in a continuous or periodic way) of marketing global strategies to increase the impact in the costumers.

Without a doubt it is a way which adapts and continues to offer great benefits to all parties. On the other hand, the industry uses it to increase their sales, while the citizens have a very straightforward way of acquiring a benefit without making further efforts.

The use that the companies can give to achieve their short-term goals may vary in the following way:

  • Send commercial information: it has to do with the launch of new products and latest services, offers and payment plans. You can also track your order in this way, after you had executed the purchase.
  • Make promotions, sending invitations to events, links to games and competitions.
  • Send notifications: in this case the user must subscribe to the corresponding web sites or the ones they want to receive in a timely manner.

The relationship from this interaction will allow in many cases to know better their customers, and learn more about your needs to provide solutions that you require and increase your sales.

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