Push notifications: a mobile tool

By Virginia Gerdel on noviembre 13th In Mobile



People’s lives are becoming more and more dynamic so technology and information tools must be just as dynamic to meet the pace of mobile life. That said, push notifications are a mobile tool that generates high engagement performance and scope for users who receive them. But first of all, what are push notifications?

Push notifications are messages sent to application users. To make it possible to send these messages there must be a server that is responsible for sending notifications to all users of the app who have agreed to receive info by that channel.

This mobile tool is commonly used as a mean of mobile marketing. Some examples? We refer to the case of notifying users of the app about contests, special promotions, offers, gifts, organization or brand activities, events, generate engagement with a simple notice or message through notification. Among other innovative uses that can be given to this option.

One of the advantages of push notifications is that users perceive them as less invasive face to emails. Another advantage that has to do with the previous point is that push notifications have a higher percentage of success and interaction. This is because they appear on the home screen of the mobile device without having to enter the application.

 Among other advantages of the notifications is that they allow the personalization of them. This is because of the segmentation, which can then increase the chances of success of that mobile tool. In the same way it allows the process to be faster and more immediate by its automation feature.

Although one of the points to keep in mind when it comes to push notifications is to avoid the excess. Despite the fact that they are not perceived with a high percentage of intrusion, the excess can begin to generate this effect. That is why the balance is important. Another transcendental point is the fact that the download of the application does not guarantee the success of it, because it may occur that the user does not find the utility of the app and stop using it or uninstall it, so it would be missing a user.

 A study by Marketing Charts determined that 95% of the users consulted consider that push notifications are useful. In a nutshell, this mobile tool represents a powerful channel of communication with the different target. You just have to find a way to use them creatively and according to certain business goals.


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