Mobile solutions for business in the 21st century

By Virginia Gerdel on agosto 21st In Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions


Since industrialization took the skies, technology didn’t stop taking big steps, especially in 21st century.The mobile aspect has the leading role in communication strategies from business to their clients. Can you imagine Socrates contacting his students and organizing them with a mobile? Unthinkable. But, standing in the present and thinking on the future, we can point some mobile solutions which have been decisive in the businesses growth.


Speaking of mobile solutions, mobile banking is one of the most remarkable, in first place who would think that electronic money would exist just as we know it. And in second place, no one would think that electronic money could be on your pocket and at your reach in one click. So this fact even modified the habits of population, including banks, civilians, business, etc. In the past you had to pay with a card, a check or paper money, now is just about one click, even on the same place of the purchase.


On the other hand, if we talk about internal communication in a business, there are more and more mobile solutions, so the employees can coordinate and communicate through their devices. Tasks like planning a meeting, make a call to action in a short and real time, brief some information in a specific moment, make a statement of projects, among others.


Besides that, the SMS. Maybe you didn’t pay attention but the SMS is a good mobile solution although many people associate it with an archaic function of a cell phone. However, is in everything, in a security verification code, confirmation codes to services, and also a communication channel with a target. A channel that allows you to have detail data and reports, and a simple implementation mechanism.


And last but not least, the mobile connectivity, maybe one of the biggest mobile solutions. The fact of being connected in any place, through a tablet, an ipad, a cell phone or any other device. Without being connected 24/7 wouldn’t be possible accomplish some important and urgent tasks required in that moment. The same happens with the fact of being informed in real time. Also, for example, because of connectivity, a person in another part of  the world can be perfectly useful to a company located far away.


Sure there are another mobile solutions, many more that was and keep being determinants for business to last in the 21st century. The scientific, Charles Darwin knew it, we have to adapt to this technological society, to this mobile society. Do you have another mobile solution? Comment below.

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