How complex it is to integrate SMS banking solutions?

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The banking sector is one of the major industries interested in implementing SMS solutions for various aspects: the need to create a channel of direct and effective communication with end customers, decrease the rate of fraud by notifying customers about their transactions with different bank channels or products, reduce call center costs, manage their internal staff, communicating with a loyalty club, and marketing promotions, products and services.

However, integration of SMS solutions is a challenge and requires that the company wishing to implement these services, especially when it comes from the banking sector, take some aspects into account:

  • Collaboration by the technical team to study and then apply properly the integration manuals (at time of testing and then when the actual application of SMS solutions).
  • Knowing the methods of integration and messaging standards.
  • As customers handle sensitive data, it is necessary to have a VPN to securely transport of information.
  • Delimiting with the service provider the responsibilities of each of the parties, to act effectively and efficiently.

What activities are required from to implement SMS solutions?

  • Effective channels of communication between the client and the supplier to discuss any questions that may arise.
  • Customer service and effective and rapid response to issues and bugs.
  • Personnel training support to permit them to handle incidents.

The offer of mobile solutions is wide and the choice of what are the best for each company will depend on the nature of it and its characteristics.

In the case of banking, this is a market that seeks to differentiate and see the SMS as the ideal solution to engage and establish an efficient customers channel.

Tedexis provides SMS service supported by a secure, safe and strong platform, as well as a strong network with most mobile operators in the Latin American market since more than a decade.

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