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By Virginia Gerdel on agosto 28th In SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway


The SMS as a tool used by companies and brands is a strong point inside mobile marketing. Database of clients or potential ones is one of the most valuable assets for enterprise. This list of detailed information would optimize communication in matter of time and resources. How it is done? Across a mechanism called SMS Gateway, which is basically a magical portal in technology world.


SMS Gateway is a link, an interface that connects two or more computers. In other words, more specifically is useful to integrate a company software with the SMS platform. This process can be performed in a computer. Fast enough compared to other ways to make marketing.


At the same time, for the SMS Gateway works must exist an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows a better attachment between the software computer with the external platform of SMS service. With an API the operation of the SMS Gateway is guaranteed more and more efficiently.


As any cell phone in the world receives text messages, this interface opens a door to get to every user in the world with this mobile device across a SMS. In fact, this is the reason why SMS is still an important fragment in mobile marketing construct.


Another detail of SMS Gateway is that enables a good communication. In what context? Mobile operators have their own codes and settings, so, to send a SMS the operator has to integrate with the SMS platform. That is where SMS Gateway appears, to make compatible both systems, so the message can get to the destination without inconvenient.


One of the benefits is that the company can have their own database and link it with the SMS server without giving up to the data. There is no need to import the database every time you send a SMS, either personal or massive (interactive or corporate).


As you can see, the functionalities and advantages of SMS Gateway are diverse: can be used by mobile banking, to send a confirmation SMS for apps, a massive announcement or  simple information for costumers. And more! There are another interesting applications and functionalities to a business.


What do you get from SMS Gateway? Automatic processes, including the optimized time as a resource to keep in touch with your clients or future costumers. If you want to know about our gateway for your mobile marketing strategy, contact us now and follow us in our social media: @Tedexis in Facebook, LinkedIn y Twitter.


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