5 positive mobile marketing trends

By Virginia Gerdel on septiembre 11th In Mobile marketing



As the use of smartphone increases and shoppers become more obsessed with mobile, recent studies demonstrate that in 2016, the number of people accessing the Internet through mobile devices worldwide surpassed those using desktops; this fact demonstrate that digital marketers need to put special focus on understanding mobile apps customers to succeed in engaging news and existing loyal customers. The following 5 positive mobile marketing trends will be present through this year surrounding engagement, user experience, new technology and consumer data:


Rise of mobile ecommerce

According with reports of com Score, mobile ecommerce growth outpaced that of desktop e-commerce in the last quarter of 2016, the online sales gained with mobile purchases in the fourth quarter of 2016 represents about 21 percent of all online sales, the ongoing growth from 2015 – which had grown 17 percent – to nowadays indicates that mobile-first ecommerce is the right strategy for engaging the modern consumer.


Location-based mobile marketing

Location-based mobile marketing is personal, targeted, and well-timed, and this is the reason why it works and will continue to work for any brand, especially if it is consider the obvious:  mobile devices, where consumers go, and the location-based data helps marketers boost personalization by tracking when a promotion induces customers to visit a physical store or to inform costumers if there is a promotion nearby.


Mobile video as part of mobile marketing

Industries such as travel, fashion and entertainment can guide customers through virtual holiday tours, product trials, movie trailers and encourage transactions. Mobile video set to comprise two-thirds of all mobile traffic and more than half of online ad spend, which means a very effective mobile marketing strategy.


Engaging through current app

Mobile marketing is focused on paying attention to the needs and habits of current app users because they represent a highly engaged. This is the case of using messaging apps – like WhatsApp, Snapchat… – to connect with the costumers at an individual level.


SMS the obvious and the viral one

Last but not the least, the SMS is the most positive mobile marketing technique so far. While an e-mail can be ignored a SMS not, his reach is very wide because its effectiveness and their benefits increases especially if it is combined with the costumers preferences, when is used as a way of reminder or offering some promotion, product or service that are according with what the customer is looking for; and especially if it has a original content which could become it viral, and of course why not? At the end getting an immediate purchase or affiliation (or a massive one).


The mobile marketing is a feasible strategy that can provide real results, do you agree? Have you used it?


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