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By Virginia Gerdel on noviembre 27th In Mobile solutions

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Mobile solutions are already part of the whole world and daily dynamics, they are practically essential to do business, to start a business, to be informed, to solve situations, among many other activities. Don’t be surprised if we become the world of robots and connections wherever we go. But what are the areas that are benefiting from mobile solutions and more are growing for it? Let’s see.

Education. In previous times, the only option available for learning were books, printed guides, libraries, parents, teachers or any adult figure responsible for imparting knowledge. The same applies to take notes, to make copies, etc. However, there are currently a number of available technology and mobile options that have changed the educational system. For example, tablets and cell phones are already abundant among those for research purposes, but also for recreation.

Tools such as mobile solutions are available for both infants and adolescents, young adults and adults, according to their degree of study, to carry out their research and learning activities. For example, mobile devices can be used to verify a data in class. It is also possible for a student to take a home exam in a virtual way. In a nutshell, education is not confined to a particular space or to a particular person as it used to be.

Hotels and tourism. According to Mobile World Capital, for 2012, 20% of online transactions came from operations carried out with tourism. No doubt the number must be higher for the 2017. So, a smart tourist destination can be defined as one that presents features such as accessibility, connectivity, mobility, and all through applications, wireless connections, among others.

The most specific elements that have been presented as mobile solutions for tourism are the fun and dynamism (apps of games, information and reading of attractions), mobile services home delivery and mobile payment services. In addition to the benefits it reports for the tourist and hotel staff, such as being able to manage the client databases and to be able to respond more quickly to their needs.

Health. Just as a few decades ago, the health sector was quite limited in access to information and health advice. As for today’s mobile solutions, a person can verify what condition they may be presenting by checking online symptoms. Of course it is recommended to attend a doctor to check the health status and avoid self-medication. However, medical personnel no longer have a monopoly on information.

On the other hand, there are apps that facilitate the maintenance and care of a good health, such as platforms to do exercise, yoga and breathing routines, platforms that count the steps that a person takes when walking, among others. They also benefit patient and medic, as doctors now cease to be a distant and inaccessible figure, many medical professionals choose to be available to their patients in case of per-operative emergencies or during treatment.

These three sectors are fundamental to society and good development. Now we see the big changes that are occurring thanks to mobile solutions and technology. If you have any input you want to give us, leave it in the comments and share this article.


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